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    "i used millitary tactics such as reverse psychology and false perception manegement

    to exposed a dynamyque range of coeincidence orchestrated

    and perpreted by the government of Canada sub-criminal divisions."

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    By the end of 2018 i had a personal lawsuit of $40 million dollar written

    that's when i noticed that my adversaries were backpedalling

    and started to play preventive damage controle.  

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    "Playing dumb and dumber, cops and robber,

    made me feel like Jhon Travolta in the taking of Pelham 123."

    what's better than to tackle your oponent and best freind hard to the ground,
    every single day, 365 days a year just to prove a point, i can tell you that there's nothing like it
    because thats exactly what i did and i had the privilege to enjoy within the walls of the vast
    underground comunication network of the Toronto Transit Commission subway system.
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    My point was to prove that if life is a tunel and if everyone of us has to fight a lilttle bit more every day for some space and more freedom at the end of this free for all ride called multiculturalism whish etnic group will occopied the most seats which culture will end up in the driver seat.

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    Ricardo J Dube


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    "Sometimes people ask questions but never find the answers, I can tell you right away, I’m not one of those people. "


    "With 30 plus years of observation of the Canadian and American multicultural ecosystem. With undeniable facts in hand."  


    "I am so confident in what I discovered, that I’ve decided to write a book series called :

    Multiculturalism a total failure the mass confusion series available on my website atotalfailure.com"